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Business owners work with me when they need clever copy written for their website, research that will help their brand reach more customers, engaging blogs, and eye-catching content for their social media profiles. Some people come to me before they know what they need; and I can help with that too 

I believe that one-size fits all packages have no place in modern web marketing. In today’s competitive online marketplace, honesty and originality have replaced pushy sales tactics. The days of automated online engagement, spam content, and pseudo-SEO are over. Good riddance!

My strategy provides a holistic approach to content marketing. By combining diagnostic audits and marketing consultation with content creation and search engine optimization, I’ll help give your brand’s web presence its best chance at reaching and connecting with your potential customers.

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I worked as a Front Desk Agent at a nice hotel. I spent every day wearing a suit, a name tag, and a friendly smile. My job paid my bills, but that was the only joy it brought me. Know the feeling?

With my busy schedule and long hours, I didn’t have much time for a “creative outlet”, so in my spare time at work, I drew pictures and wrote blog posts about current events. When I put these things on social media, I never expected that anyone would notice them. 

Thank goodness I was wrong!

The owner of a small SEO and Web Marketing Start-Up noticed my knack for content creation. He saw potential despite my lack of real experience. After two years at the hotel, I took a leap of faith and traded the stability of my regular paycheck for an entry-level job doing something that I truly enjoyed. 

After developing my skills at the start-up, I landed a position at a larger Web Marketing agency. In my years there, I worked with clients in more than 30 different industries while learning more about algorithms, analytics, and the “technical” aspects of web marketing. I loved it all.

With several years of experience in my field, I felt empowered to make a big career move and relocate to Los Angeles. In my new position, I managed online projects for a well known non-profit organization. The position was challenging and taught me how to effectively manage sensitive material and extremely tight deadlines. Most importantly, it was the confidence boost I needed to finally become my own boss.

So that brings us to the present. I wouldn’t be writing this if I had never published my writing and my silly little drawings online. They weren’t mindblowingly great, I’m sure of that, but they were unique, they brought me joy, and I made the choice to share them.

I know how it feels to be stuck, but that spark inside you deserves its time to shine. Whatever you’re creating is worth sharing, and I’m here to help you with that. 

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